Life and work are increasingly merging together. Thanks to its harmonious form, our OKAY.III swivel chair is just as suitable for multifunctional office spaces as it is for home offices. The special feature is its flexible backrest. The knitted backrest is stretched over characteristic bounce bands. This gives the chair a unique sitting feel. When you lean against the backrest, you drop back almost weightlessly, and are then caught and stabilised. This provides optimum support for your back, as well as encouraging mobility. Ergonomic top: The VSP synchronous mechanism allows a harmonious movement sequence when sitting. The integrated, continuously adjustable lumbar support guarantees optimum pressure distribution. Seat height, seat depth and seat inclination are adjusted intuitively and self-explanatory with simple controls in no time at all.

1 | TWO BACKREST STYLES – The comfortable backrest is available in knitted mesh or fully upholstered.

2 | HEIGHT-ADJUSTABLE NECK SUPPORT AND CLOTHES HOOK – The neck support relieves strain on the shoulders and neck muscles. Backrest available with or without clothes hook.

3 | ERGONOMIC SUPPORT – The lumbar support can be infinitely adjusted on either side in height and depth.

4 | VARIABLE ARMRESTS – Featuring various adjustment functions to take the strain off neck and shoulders.

5 | CLEVER CONTROLS – For customising the seat height, seat depth, seat tilt and weight setting.

6 | A SOPHISTICATED ADDITION – The operating instructions are always to hand.

7 | A STURDY BASE – Starbase in plastic or aluminium, alternatively aluminium starbase with flat spokes.

Brand: König + Neurath
Designer: König + Neurath
Country of Origin: Germany
Time: 12 – 14 Weeks
Warranty: 10 Years