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ACTA.PLUS STORAGE SOLUTIONS IN A VERSATILE DESIGN Nowadays, flexible teams and open space solutions need a new generation of storage options. Our versatile storage programme ACTA.PLUS lockers provides space for personal items, with the flexibility to choose the location. Furthermore it’s an effective design element that helps zone off larger areas. ACTA.PLUS lockers is

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TALO.YOU Height Adjustable

TALO.YOU A DESK SYSTEM THAT CHANGES WITH YOU. In 2020 transformation of the workplace accelerated in leaps and bounds. Home office and remote working, digital meetings and flexible working have now finally become part of daily routine in the workplace. We’re adapting our product range accordingly: TALO.YOU is a new desk system that’s available

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TABLE.MANAGEMENT Executive Desks – Static and Height Adjustable

TABLE.MANAGEMENT Equipped for a prestigious management office. With TABLE.MANAGEMENT, which as a T-leg is fit for mobile work thanks to its motorised height adjustment, you will not strain your back even during a long, labour-intensive day. The unit comprising a desk system, technology pedestal and sideboard is both elegant and practical. You can also

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ACTIVE.T SIT-STAND WORKSTATIONS KEEP EMPLOYEES MOVING Standing at one's desk increases the cognitive performance. And ACTIVE.T supports the readiness to work while standing, and thus the employee's health! The height-adjustable workstation moves smoothly and quietly whenever you want to see your work from a different angle. With the availability of single desks and benches,

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TABLE.T Height Adjustable Table

TABLE.T DESKS WITH MAXIMUM CONVENIENCE A sit-stand workstation can be so elegant! TABLE.T is not just mobile, it combines linear design with a multi-functional approach. The T-leg model offers user-friendly motorised height adjustment as a sit-stand workstation. The patented wire management system ensures plenty of legroom. TABLE.T: to keep you flexible in body and

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QUICK.III Standing Support

QUICK.III OUR CONTRIBUTION TO YOUR BACK’S HEALTH Workstations that encourage you to switch between sitting and standing are more relaxing for your back muscles. QUICK.III offers a variant that’s halfway between the two: supported standing takes the strain off the spine. That’s a good reason to keep QUICK.III at hand to complement your swivel

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BALANCE INNOVATION FOR AN AUTONOMOUS AND MOBILE APPROACH TO WORKING The workplace places new demands on us today where strengths and skills are concerned. Innovative working models call for creativity and flexibility. And they encourage more personal freedom in daily routine planning! König + Neurath offers a number of products and office solutions to

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PODIUMS LET YOUR CREATIVE IDEAS TAKE CENTRE STAGE We present: The alternative to a meeting table. Arrange agile meetings and offer a stage for creative ideas. Use our modular platform elements made from maritime pine plywood with a clear lacquer finish to create islands for meetings and presentations. They are easy to integrate into

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NET.WORK.PLACE ORGANIC ARRIVE. WELCOME. GREET. The welcome is an important part of our culture. In the same way, one’s arrival in the workspace plays an important role for our whole work culture: with NET.WORK.PLACE Organic  you greet clients, employees, suppliers and visitors in style, in spaces which combine function with atmosphere. The best basis

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NET.WORK.PLACE LOUNGE-CHAIR LEAN BACK AND RELAX AS YOU WORK Good ideas are what drive companies forward. And sometimes the best way to come up with them is by brainstorming with colleagues. At other times a little privacy and concentration is what’s needed. On the basis of this, we developed the NET.WORK.PLACE LOUNGE CHAIR: it

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