A table that’s sturdy enough to be used as a workstation, yet looks the part in the conference room, too. That was the principle we used to design, plan and build TABLE. As well as the elegant T and A-frame bases, the dominant design elements include the slender-looking aluminium cross-beam, which gives the desk an excellent load-bearing capacity thanks to its aerofoil shape. Combining a duo top with a glass or veneer extension is also particularly effective – and the shadow gap lends the slab end a light, aesthetic look to make it a real design feature. But it’s not only a representative image that makes this table system stand out, its functionality is exceptional, too: as a sit-stand desk the T-frame model incorporates user-friendly height adjustment – either the straightforward manual mechanism or the even more convenient motorised option.

Brand: König + Neurath
Designer: König + Neurath
Country of Origin: Germany
Lead Time: 12 – 14 weeks
Warranty: 10 Years