RONIN recliner

RONIN Ronin is a collection full of contradictions and oppositions. The armchair rests on an exposed, steel frame comprising a well-fitted soft mattress. Piotr Kuchciński has accurately matched the cold and raw geometry of the seat with a not immediately apparent vision of comfort and cosiness. Yet, the two oppositions form a consistent piece.

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STANDBY It’s time to get ready for more flexibility at work. K+N STANDBY.OFFICE helps you take an imaginative and integrated approach to shaping the transformation in your workplace. We offer you a solution that allows you to create workstations in places where they were never actually supposed to be - in the open space

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A celebration of wood. The Tab Table and Workstation Series are made of character premium wood. We embrace the natural beauty and properties of solid sustainable wood. Focused on the needs of creative and functional work environments, the Tab workstation is a smart modular system that can cater to all conceivable dimensions. TAB Workstations

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Mobile, flexible and space-saving. A real multi-talent. With agile and hybrid working, office landscapes are also changing. In addition to classic individual workstations and meeting areas for collaboration or exchange, small, flexible and mobile desks are increasingly in demand. TALO.YOU One can optionally be fitted with a flip top. This allows convenient space-saving nested

Mayday sofa

Mayday sofa Freedom to dream Mayday and Bussola, designed by Favaretto & Partners, are capable of creating major changes in small areas. The concept completed with Balance and Solo X sets your imagination free. A modular sofa system with very compact dimensions, make possible to use it even in small areas. Mayday consist of

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Meavo Phone Box

Office Phone Booths for the Modern Workplace Eco-friendly, affordable and built for London. Our phone booths and meeting pods provide a peaceful place in today’s busy open-plan offices & co-working spaces. Fully equipped with all the gadgets you will ever need and available in any exterior colour you like at no extra charge. Premium Materials The interior

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Venezia freestanding or wall-mounted bookcases

FREESTANDING OR WALL-MOUNTED BOOKCASES design Enzo Mari Venezia is a column system of bookcases with lines softened by rounded and shaped elements that are repeated in every compartment. The result is a piece of furniture that brilliantly solves, in both a functional and aesthetic way, the need for containment, re-arrangement and storage in small

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Teca shelving systems

Teca shelving systems Teca is an elegant shelving system in natural anodized extruded aluminium. The design is sleek and simple, suitable for both direct mounting on the wall or on uprights, for multiple arrangements. The Trieste system is an elegant solution for both business and re sidential applications. TECA technical data sheet

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Trieste shelving systems

Trieste shelving systems Simple and versatile wall library system in painted epoxy steel. The Trieste system is characterised by shelves with perforated sides. It can also can be equipped with tables and cabinets for a variety of arrangements. The Trieste system is an elegant solution for both business and residential applications. Designed by Enzo Mari

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