RONIN recliner

RONIN Ronin is a collection full of contradictions and oppositions. The armchair rests on an exposed, steel frame comprising a well-fitted soft mattress. Piotr Kuchciński has accurately matched the cold and raw geometry of the seat with a not immediately apparent vision of comfort and cosiness. Yet, the two oppositions form a consistent piece.

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Mayday sofa

Mayday sofa Freedom to dream Mayday and Bussola, designed by Favaretto & Partners, are capable of creating major changes in small areas. The concept completed with Balance and Solo X sets your imagination free. A modular sofa system with very compact dimensions, make possible to use it even in small areas. Mayday consist of

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NET.WORK.PLACE ORGANIC ARRIVE. WELCOME. GREET. The welcome is an important part of our culture. In the same way, one’s arrival in the workspace plays an important role for our whole work culture: with NET.WORK.PLACE Organic  you greet clients, employees, suppliers and visitors in style, in spaces which combine function with atmosphere. The best basis

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NET.WORK.PLACE LOUNGE-CHAIR LEAN BACK AND RELAX AS YOU WORK Good ideas are what drive companies forward. And sometimes the best way to come up with them is by brainstorming with colleagues. At other times a little privacy and concentration is what’s needed. On the basis of this, we developed the NET.WORK.PLACE LOUNGE CHAIR: it

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SHUFFLE Sofas & benches

SHUFFLE The Shuffle Series combines smart production techniques with traditional, first-class furniture craftsmanship in a timeless and characterful design. The collection easily accommodates the demands of modern interiors for flexibility and it has been designed with respect for the raw materials. Where standard sofas are generally right-angled, square and predictable, the Shuffle offers the

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