The Shuffle Series combines smart production techniques with traditional, first-class furniture craftsmanship in a timeless and characterful design. The collection easily accommodates the demands of modern interiors for flexibility and it has been designed with respect for the raw materials. Where standard sofas are generally right-angled, square and predictable, the Shuffle offers the architectural freedom to challenge or tackle any type of room. The Shuffle Line uses smart frame technology offering the possibility to efficiently achieve almost any conceivable organic model. This collection allows you to mix and match endlessly, or as we say: to shuffle. Select the desired model, choose the textile, and select the base element. The Shuffle collection includes a lounge chair as well as a sofa line, hocker and tables. With various textiles, colors and bases to choose from, you can pick the exact design you desire. In this modern digital age, technological gadgets are becoming increasingly more common in aspects of our everyday lives. The Shuffle Collection can be embedded the lastest technology features like; Wireless Charging or USB-C connection.Complement your design with integrated tables and even the latest technologies. Materials & Finishes – Body: Plywood, Foam and Fabric. Base: Oak, Walnut or HPL Designed by our in-house team at Spell, The Shuffle Collection is varied and fully customisable.

Brand: Spell
Designer: Spell
Country of Origin: The Netherlands
Lead Time: 12 – 14 weeks
Warranty: 10 Years