An elegant architecture characterises the organic forms of the iconic Tobi which, suspended in time and space, just like a Zen garden, induces those who sit on them to distance their minds from everyday life in order to enjoy maximum comfort. In perfect balance between the essentiality of the design and full volumes, Tobi is inspired by the smooth ‘tobi-ishi’ stones from which it takes its name and, like them, it seems to float, supported by four solid wood legs.
Designed for those who will use it, Tobi is enticing in classic settings, perfect in modern environments, ideal at home as it is in hotel lounges and public spaces, as well as in the office. A wooden structure, adhesives with a low impact on the environment, wool and velvet fabrics and even made with recycled PET collected from the ocean, upholstery in ethical leather and eco-leather of vegetal origin, and FSC certified solid wood legs, are the ingredients of this sofa. A sofa that is equally mindful of both wellbeing and the environment. Designed to cover any space requirement, Tobi is available in three sizes: 3, 2 and 1 and a half seats. Sizes designed for every need, ranging from the three-seater sofa for large spaces, to the two-seater sofa ideal in more contained spaces or when combined with other formats, and finally to the one and a half seater, the so-called “love-seat”, perfect for sharing the seat with another person, to furnish small spaces and alcoves of domestic environments or to keep your bag and personal items next to you in the solutions for the contract sector.

Brand: Rexite
Designer: Elena Trevisan
Country of Origin: Italy
Lead Time: 10 – 12 weeks
Warranty: 10 Years