Shield is a comfortable swivel chair with a unique shape perfect for maintaining individual space in open-plan venues. Shield partially separating the user from the outside. The high backrest of the chair extends to the side, ensuring privacy and acoustic comfort. The other side remains open, allowing unrestrained contact with the

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RONIN recliner

RONIN Ronin is a collection full of contradictions and oppositions. The armchair rests on an exposed, steel frame comprising a well-fitted soft mattress. Piotr Kuchciński has accurately matched the cold and raw geometry of the seat with a not immediately apparent vision of comfort and cosiness. Yet, the two oppositions form a consistent piece.

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SUSTAINABLE FURNITURE FOR A BETTER CLIMATE (AT WORK) Current changes extending far beyond the workplace are showing us how important it is to consider the impact of our actions. As furniture manufacturers and designers of working environments, we’re more aware than ever of the need for our products to be sustainable. And that we

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OKIDOKI Who says you can’t mix business with pleasure? Okidoki could be brightening the office one day, then bringing its casual cool to your home the next. In any environment, its cheeky personality is always on display. Get creative with solid timber legs in a choice of styles, including White Ash, Walnut Stain, and White or

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TENSA.NEXT SITTING OR MOVING? HOW ABOUT BOTH! We sit more than we used to. That’s because many professions call for focused work at a desk. So what can we do to ensure we stay healthy and mobile in the long term? The right chair can be extremely helpful here. TENSA.NEXT allows three-dimensional sitting with

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JET.III Task Chair

JET.III INSPIRED BY NATURE! After extensive surveys and market research, we developed JET.III – a chair that is exceptionally precise and can be adjusted almost intuitively to suit individual needs. Its backrest reflects the shape of the spine. This not only makes it very comfortable, but also supports the body's movements. JET.III combines an

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OKAY.III Task Chair

OKAY.III THE SWIVEL CHAIR WITH BOUNCE EFFECT. Life and work are increasingly merging together. Thanks to its harmonious form, our OKAY.III swivel chair is just as suitable for multifunctional office spaces as it is for home offices. The special feature is its flexible backrest. The knitted backrest is stretched over characteristic bounce bands. This

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OKAY.11 Visitor and Meeting Chair

OKAY.11 A VISITOR CHAIR THAT LOOKS GOOD ANYWHERE? OKAY.II If you are looking to design your meeting areas with incredibly comfortable all-purpose chairs, we can highly recommend our OKAY.II visitor chairs. They can be combined elegantly with plenty of other chair ranges. ARE YOU SITTING COMFORTABLY? OKAY! BACK - Choice of: mesh, 3D mesh,

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WORKER Only nature can provide materials that fully reflect the purity and simplicity of the Worker. The design of the Worker stool has an innovative integration of seat and leg. Spell has created a barstool that combines an immaculate sense of craftsmanship with a subtle personality. At the same time, the barstool maintains a

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