It’s time to get ready for more flexibility at work.

K+N STANDBY.OFFICE helps you take an imaginative and integrated approach to shaping the transformation in your workplace.

We offer you a solution that allows you to create workstations in places where they were never actually supposed to be – in the open space and even in higher-traffic areas – exactly where they are needed at the time.

Our future-oriented solution makes autonomous working possible right now.

K+N STANDY.OFFICE is a mobile fold-away workstation that’s fully equipped and has acoustic screening.

The height adjustable table adapts easily to suit people of very small or large stature. It also flips making the whole office easy to store.

STANDBY features a height adjustable acoustic rear panel and canopy with a motion sensing light.

 AND it operates completely independently thanks to the rechargeable battery – QIKPAC

QIKPAC is a new concept in portable power provision designed for people on the go.

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Combined with our desks your workspace can now be moved anywhere with no need for cabling or power. Open a room up for a large meeting, add a workstation or just move to a quieter space. Get some sun, take advantage of that view. It’s up to you.

The QIKPAC system can be fitted in a variety of installation options. Flush mounted on the desktop, rear or side mounted under the desk to maximise space. Flexibility is the key word here.

QIKPAC is ergonomically designed to be light and easy to carry without compromising on power. The portability of theQIKPAC allows full flexibility and control to move around and work anywhere within the workspace, or to go offsite to meetings, work at a cafe, or park, knowing that it will provide up to 28 hours of laptop power from a single charge. QIKDOC is a multipurpose docking station for the OE QIKPAC CARRY portable power bank.

K+N STANDBY.OFFICE 2.0 contains 33.5 % recycled materials and is virtually 100 % recyclable.


CANOPY- Its acoustic properties reduce noise considerably.

REAR SCREEN – The rear screen has acoustic properties, travels up or down with the mobile desk top – and can also be adjusted independently via a convenient Bowden cable. Available in a
choice of colours and fabrics.

THE ARTEMIDE LIGHT – is an integral part of the structure. The light switches on automatically when the presence sensor is triggered. The light is not retrofittable.

ALUMINIUM FRAME – There is a choice of white or black textured paint.

DESK TOP – The top can be adjusted without power or tools: It offers infinitely variable height adjustment within the range of 600 mm to 1400 mm. Power sockets, USB ports and wireless
chargers can be integrated if required.

FOLDING MECHANISM – The two sections of the table flip up so that it is extremely easy to transport or store.

STRAIGHTFORWARD HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT – The desk top can be adjusted by hand easily and with minimal effort thanks to the integral gas spring.

CANTILEVER FOOT -Alternatively available with glides.

Brand: König + Neurath
Designer: König + Neurath
Country of Origin: Germany
Lead Time: 12 – 14 Weeks
Warranty: 10 Years