Nowadays, flexible teams and open space solutions need a new generation of storage options. Our versatile storage programme ACTA.PLUS lockers provides space for personal items, with the flexibility to choose the location. Furthermore it’s an effective design element that helps zone off larger areas. ACTA.PLUS lockers is available in a variety of styles, allowing it to fit in harmoniously with the widest range of design schemes.


VERSATILE CARCASS – The wooden carcass of the ACTA.PLUS lockers is available in different heights.

TRIED AND TESTED CYLINDER LOCK – Closure with a key and a cylinder lock.

VARIABLE COMBINATION LOCKS – There are two types of combination lock: with a fixed code or with a programmable code.

BATTERY-POWERED RFID SYSTEM – An electronic locking system which requires no additional software and is opened and closed by a card. It is suitable for up to 50 different user cards and can be linked to the building entry control system.

OPTIONAL LETTER SLOT – For personal messages and documents.

CHOICE OF HINGE POSITIONS – Carcasses 800 mm wide can have an optional central divider. Hinges can be on the left or right

CLASSICAL WARDROBE RAIL – The rail for jackets and coats with an additional hat shelf is designed for a cupboard depth of 600 mm.

PULL-OUT WARDROBE RAILS -This rail is the space-saving option for cupboards 450 mm deep.

DIFFERENT DOOR OPTIONS – Depending on the requirements of the office environment, you can choose from a number of different looks.

Brand: König + Neurath
Designer: König + Neurath
Country of Origin: Germany
Lead Time: 12 – 14 Weeks
Warranty: 10 Years