PEDESTAL Our pedestals on glides are the safest place to store your most important utensils securely, and they come in a wide range of specifications. A peep inside reveals the owner’s personality. Do you prefer smaller drawer compartments, or larger ones? Do you love suspension files? Make things as neat and tidy as you

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PULL-OUT SIDEFILER EVERYTHING’S CLOSE AT HAND AT YOUR WORKSTATION OR IN A MEETING Storage, privacy screening and a spontaneous meeting point. With the ACTA.PLUS pull-out sidefiler we’ve created a functional storage solution that fits perfectly into the office of today: the depth and height of the functional storage system is based on the workstation,

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ACTA.CLASSIC Storage System

ACTA.CLASSIC CUSTOMISED ORGANISATION AND STYLE Divides up the open space into different zones and at the same time keeps everything in order: your requirements of a storage system are diverse. Thanks to a huge selection of front solutions and well-engineered, functional internal division with practical details, ACTA.CLASSIC enables you to create exactly the storage solution

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ACTA.PLUS EVERYDAY HERO WITH MULTIPLE TALENTS. ACCOMMODATING: CONFIDENTLY STYLISH. DISCREET. The versatile storage programme offers three items of furniture in one: open shelf unit, closed cupboard with tambour front, hinged door or sliding door, or filing cabinet with pull-out. And: the decorative back panel also makes ACTA.PLUS ideal for use as a room divider!

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ACTA.PLUS STORAGE SOLUTIONS IN A VERSATILE DESIGN Nowadays, flexible teams and open space solutions need a new generation of storage options. Our versatile storage programme ACTA.PLUS lockers provides space for personal items, with the flexibility to choose the location. Furthermore it’s an effective design element that helps zone off larger areas. ACTA.PLUS lockers is

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RESET Storage

RESET The Reset Storage family is a sleek, sustainable multi functional storage solution for modern interiors. Featuring smart handle details hidden in the vertical lines of the solid oak doors. Inspired by architectural lines, Reset combined a document cabinet and a media dresser. The Dresser is an ode to pure craftsmanship. Choose between different

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