K+N Hygiene Screens

K+N Hygiene Screens FUNCTIONAL, VERSATILE AND FLEXIBLE The corona pandemic is changing the requirements of safety in the workplace. As well as keeping a safe distance from others, the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs’ SARS-CoV-2 Occupational Safety and Health Standard specifies that transparent partitions should be installed between workstations where a

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Scudo – Freestanding Divider Screens

scudo divider screens In Italian, “scudo” means shield, a protective device. During the Renaissance, shields were more than armament: they were revered forms of sculpture. Today, the idea of protection takes on new meaning, and shields play a different role. Scudo is a collection of freestanding and worksurface screens that encloses office space with

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Rexshield Visor

Rexshield CERTIFIED PROTECTIVE VISOR Pack of 10 certified protective visors suitable to be used with corrective glasses and protective mask. Rexshield is a PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), Category II - CE 1 S EN166 3 and has obtained the certificate according to directive 89/686/EEC. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Width (cm): 33 Height (cm): 25 Weight (Kg):

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Rexite Quinta hygeine partitions

Rexite Quinta hygeine partitions Quinta is a versatile modular system made of flexible polycarbonate panels with patented fasteners to aluminium uprights, making it possible to create curved and linear walls. The post serves as a two, three- or four-way intersection, allowing for various configurations. The panels are available in translucent, two different patterns or

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Plexy divider panel for desks

Rexte Plexy divider panel for desks DESIGNED BY STUDIOERRE FOR REXITE. PLEXY is a simple solution that can be customised. Manufactured from 4.5mm acrylic. There is a 30mm gap under the panel to accommodate cables or to pass documents. PLEXY is easy to maintain with a soft cloth and normal glass cleaner. Standard sizes

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