NEXT Charging Table

NEXT An advanced and elegant side table full of innovation. A subtle mark on the wooden surface indicates the position to place your smartphone*. Upon placement, a connection will be made instantly and effortlessly. Your smart phone will be ready and charged in no time without any cable in sight! NEXT is a playful

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AMARANT Coffee Table

AMARANT The Amarant Coffee table is a marriage of a magazine holder with a coffee table. Inspired by blooming flowers these furniture designs present your most favorite magazines in an elegant way. These tables feel right at home in a living room, lobby area, library or any waiting room, making them look colourful and

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Poppy round side table

The base and top, which are a perfect mirror image, are made of painted steel with a tempered glass top, adding an original monochromatic touch to any space. Available in white, black and red. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Top: 8 mm tempered crystal Structure: steel painted in the same colour as the top Other: engineering polymer

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BLUSH Occassional Tables.

BLUSH The Blush family is a compact and playful furniture solution. Because of their size they can easily be moved around and be used for a variety of purposes. Creating an attractive, discreet caricature wherever they stand. These tables feel right at home in a living room, lobby area, library, working place or any

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